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Material means money! An organization's material resource forms major part of its financial asset and this constitutes over 60% of its financial holding.

As a norm in materials management, a well organized and standardized system must and should carry out frequent review of its materials system to evaluate its efficiency and position it for effective operations.

System study of any materials holding will bring to light plausible problem areas bothering around materials storage, issuing, handling and general inventory. It is intended to identify and outline various materials management issues and provide practical and realistic recommendations based on international best practices in Supply Chain Management.

Our Material Management system study will address the following:

  • The condition of warehouses
  • The condition of the inventory i.e. the materials
  • Level of materials flow within the system
  • Percentage of obsolete materials
  • Stock availability for operational support
  • The security system in the warehouse
  • Safety, Health and Environmental measures in place for the warehouse
  • Level of material preservation
  • Accountability
  • Materials management software in place
  • Materials documentation and record system on ground
  • Speed of response in issuing of materials
  • Level of ease/difficulty in carrying out Physical Stock Taking
  • Adequacy of the existing layout of the warehouse
  • Efficiency of Location Code system in place
  • Manpower utilization
  • Materials coding system
  • Etc.

    The nucleus of any effective Materials Management set-up is the Stock Control system. Its principal function consists in guiding against the two notorious "monsters" in Materials Management cycle, which are:
    - Undue stock out.
    - Over Stocking

    All the aspects of your products/stock from determining the right quantity to buy, the right place to buy, at what price, where and how to store, at what stock balance level to re-order, the value of your entire stock and numerous more, constitute your inventory operations. Your business is your inventory and how you manage and control it determines the profitability of your organization.

    We make these cumbersome inventory operations easy with our over three (3)decades of expertise in inventory control and supply chain management as a whole. We know how to combine the systems and processes involved in inventory management to produce long lasting results.

    We carry out the following:

  • Establish standards and procedures for ordering,replenishing and issuing of your stock
  • Give detailed inventory activity reports
  • Periodic Inventory count and generate reports
  • End of the year inventory count and generate reports
  • Undertake MRP for your organization
  • Absorb new stock and update your inventory
  • Eliminate obsolesces from your stock
  • Establish appropriate and suitable location framework that that tell you where to find your stock
  • Create a suitable layout for inventory storage that makes accessibility and retrieval easy
  • Detect and deal with stock losses
  • Deal with unwanted material, obsolete and scrap, disposal.
  • Establish levels of operating stock based on consumption pattern, Lead time, etc.
  • Prepare reports of weekly and monthly stock balances of each stock item and value.
  • Maintain monthly usage report of each item kept in stock
  • Receive and issue of supplies
  • Undertake Quality control or verification
  • Regulate flow of materials
  • Monitor Documentation flow
  • Manage rejected material
  • We know our job and our clients benefit immensely from our excellent service delivery. Our inventory operations and consulting services have assist small, medium and large scale industries achieve efficient and effective inventory system, minimize inventory cost, increase sales and maximize their profits.

    Let us supply your inventory needs today. Call us on 07036533374 or send us detailed information concerning your business via our CONTACT US page.


    Seeking a suitable warehouse for your stock or already have a warehouse but not well organized? The Warehouse Management Solution Experts are here to help you.

    We help in:

  • Space utilization & handling,
  • Racking and Storage shelving
  • Planning the workload
  • Allocating resources
  • Disposal of goods
  • Pest control
  • Security setting
  • Handling and stacking techniques
  • Setting occupational health and safety standards
  • Aspects of our warehouse set-up/optimization include::

    Facility Engineering

    Depending on your operational needs, we draw up design for your warehouse. We determine the characteristics of your new or existing facility such as the length, the width, the height, how many dock doors, column, spacing, aisle widths, the floor type (depending on the load type), security surveillance, lightening, sanitation and fire aisle requirements as well as special needs and requests.

    Layout Development Standardization/Slotting

    We give your new/existing warehouse the looks of standard. Based upon forecast, historical usage patterns and projected changes, your warehouse layout will put into consideration the type and design of storage racks, shelving, automated systems, docks, staging, offices, and support in order to maximize space usage.

    Slotting Design

    We review your existing warehouse slotting or establish new slotting design for your warehouse. The objective is to maximize the use of your warehouse's available cube space to improve storage and picking efficiency and reductions in warehouse handling costs, by optimizing product location and balancing workload. A good slotting plan improves the capability to meet inventory rotation, such as FIFO (First In First Out) and LIFO (Last In First Out).

    Let us transform and upgrade your existing warehouse or contact us to set up a standard new warehouse that meets the needs of your organization. Call us now on 07036533374


    Some materials management installations have very large stock holdings, but are still faced with the problems of identifying what they require precisely from the warehouse.

    This is due to improper arrangement of materials in the warehouse. In areas where this phenomenon occurs, huge capital expenses are often incurred on emergency procurement of materials for direct use because corresponding ones in the warehouse cannot be traced.

    Our team of experts will re-organize the warehouse, eliminate the associated problems including those enumerated above and provide arrangement and material layout that will promote easy identification and prompt issuance of materials in the warehouse.


    Coding in materials management is the process of allocating symbols to equipment spare parts and materials. This symbol could be in form of alphabets, numerals, signs, or a combination. The symbol represents design, characteristic of item, its material quality, manufacturing attribute or a combination of any or all the above.

    In a typical industrial set-up, Organizations have to maintain large stock of equipment, spare parts, tools and materials. This therefore calls for an effective means of identifying them accurately and promptly, hence the introduction of material coding.

    Codification represents each item by a number, the digits of which indicate the group, the subgroup, the type, the dimension, etc. of the item.

    The advantages of adopting a codification system in your materials management operations are immense. Some of these advantages are:

  • Ensures storing of materials, facilitates sorting and documentation. It helps in standardization of materials.
  • It is useful in the location of materials.
  • It is also useful for communication of information about materials.
  • It helps in accounting and costing of materials.
  • It ensures accuracy in correspondence, records and posting of receipts and issues in appropriate records.
  • With our experience in materials classification and codification, we can design a codification system that suits your inventory operations and helps codify your materials in such a way that storing, identifying and issuing of such materials become very easy.


    In a standard warehouse with numerous lines of items, personnel cannot be expected to remember where every item is kept. And so, it is very essential that materials in stock should be readily available with minimum delay when they are required.

    Location Code System therefore is the means by which this is achieved. A good location Code System not only locates the materials but also conjures up mental picture of its precise location within the Warehouse.

    A purely Alphabetic, Alpha-numeric or purely Numeric Location Coding system can be adopted to denote the description of the exact position of your materials/items in the warehouse.

    We can help you design a suitable location code system to facilitate prompt identification and retrieval of your materials in the warehouse, integrate it into your Inventory Management operations, monitor and position it for effectiveness and efficiency.


    A material storage system allows materials to be stocked for specific period of time before they are issued out. Common and latest trends in materials storage systems and technologies include storage shelving, racks, pallets, containers and carousels.

    Benefits of using warehouse storage facilities include:

    Time and Effort saving

    A more organized warehouse saves the owner from the stress of maintaining a warehouse as items are systematically and orderly arranged on rows and in bins of a storage shelve

    Security of Materials

    With the aid of materials storage system, stock items are kept safe and protected as they are placed inside bins.

    Space saving

    Storage facilities enhance optimal utilization of warehouse storage space as it allows the stacking of items high up above instead of cramming them all in one post, causing overcrowding of the warehouse floor.

    Material handling equipment on the other hand are mechanical equipment used for movement, control and preservation of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal.

    Our organization supply and install different types of material handling equipments including

  • Trucks
  • Straight Forklift
  • Side Forklift
  • Narrow Aisle Forklift
  • Conveyors
  • Cranes
  • Pallet jacks
  • Counter Balance
  • Pallet Trolley
  • Stock Taking Measuring Scale
  • We can determine/select the right storage facilities and handling equipment for pick and pack materials and goods, based on the velocity of the product, cube, seasonality, replenishment frequency, purchase cost and total operating costs.


    One aspect of our Supply Chain Management concept is to raise experts and specialists in this field. We develop competent Materials Management experts by connecting learning to the workplace, allowing employers to rely on the competence of workers at every level.

    Prudent courses cover virtually all aspects materials administration, learning style and level of competency, from basic awareness through mastery. Learn what you need to know, at the right depth.

    We retain the services of specialists in industry and academia (referred to as affiliates) as a compliment to in-house professionals, to ensure skill upgrading and performance improvement of the trainee.

    Navigate our training menu and select suitable Materials Management course for you or your organization today.